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The Amazing Beauty of Lake Toba

Amazing Beauty of Lake Toba
Vacation in North Sumatra is the right choice for you who crave the exotic nature combined with culture. One of the best attractions is Lake Toba. The natural beauty of this one is fairly perfect, because in addition to radiant natural phenomenon, you will be treated with the wealth of the surrounding culture.

Lake Toba is one of the mainstay attractions of our country which is located in the province of North Sumatra exactly 176 km from the city of Medan. Lake Toba with Samosir island has natural attractions, historical tours, spiritual tours, or architectural and culinary tour. With the expanse of the crystal clear lake water and green mountain scenery that only a small thing that can describe the natural beauty of Lake Toba.

According to the study, Toba lake formed from a super volcano eruption (Toba mountain) which erupted around 73000-75000 years ago. The eruption caused the death of millions of people and extinction of various species in the vicinity. The eruption was also influenced world civilization with the weather changes and the onset of an ice age. Lake Toba is the largest in Asia and the most in the world with a depth of 505 meters. This type of volcanic lake is the second largest lake in the world after Lake Victoria in Africa.

In the middle of the lake there is a volcanic island Toba Samosir island is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. Uniquely in Samosir island itself there are two beautiful lakes namely Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang. When traveled here, you can find some stunning waterfalls and also a baths Aek Balerang efficacious in healing various skin diseases. The area around Lake Toba has forest - pine forest neat and beautiful. There can also visit my friend Camel Cape, named like that because the land jutting into the lake and shaped camel back. In addition to panoramic lake and island Samosir, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside is still beautiful.

The beauty of Lake Toba is already legendary, it no doubt. This is proven by the height of the local and foreign tourists who want to see the perfection of nature and the environment is still beautiful.

As a suggestion if you want to come here, better stop at the town of Parapat. In this city you can see the beauty of Lake Toba more clearly. Parapat town is also a tourism city in North Sumatra. And from town to tourism Parapat Lake Toba is also easier. To get to the island of Samosir from Parapat, you can ride the ferry fare of Rp 7,000 per person. Have a nice holiday.
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